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If you have an idea for a product and you would like to incorporate the use of the University of Utah’s logo, feel free to contact us to discuss your product, guidelines, and any questions you may have regarding the licensing process. Below are the two different programs available for obtaining a license to sell products bearing the University of Utah logos.

Standard License   Crafter License

Standard License

The Standard Licensing Program is for consumer product companies. This license allows companies to produce products bearing the University of Utah trademarks for sale in retail approved channels, direct to consumers, as well as university departments and related entities. Depending on the type of license, the process may take 4-15 weeks.

Standard Licensing Process
  1. Visit our licensing agency’s web page,
  2. Click on the ‘Get Licensed’ tab at the top of the page
  3. Review the types of licenses within the Standard License Program to help best determine which license best fits your business
  4. Review the fact sheets for the application process, licensing considerations, corporate responsibility, and insurance requirements
  5. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button
  6. Create a CLC application account
  7. Proceed with the application process

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Crafter License

The Crafter Licensing Program allows for independent artisans to participate in the University of Utah's licensing program by legally producing products adorned with the University’s logos and wordmarks. Through this program, crafters enter into a simple contract with the University of Utah that grants permissions to individuals to produce and sell licensed products displaying the University of Utah indicia. This allows crafters to legally benefit from the popularity of Utah's flagship institution.

All individuals must obtain approval prior to using any of the University of Utah's marks and/or names on any product. The University of Utah is the sole owner of all trademarks, names, and logos in reference to the University; therefore, it has the right to grant permission as well as protect and enforce the use of its marks.

Items not allowed as part of the Crafter Program
  • Apparel, headwear, decals/stickers, clothing accessories, and any product with pre-manufactured components.
  • The Trademarks & Licensing Office retains the authority to asess whether products falling outside of these specified categories qualify as genuinely handcrafted.
Requirements to qualify for the Crafter Program
  • Must obtain permission and approval prior to using the University of Utah trademarks on any product.
  • Products must be crafted individually by hand, and not by means of mass production. 
  • Enter into a one year contract. 
  • $100 per year fee due at the time of application. An additional 10% royalty fee is applicable to gross sales of over $1,000. 
  • May only sell items directly to individuals at festivals, fairs, events, etc. No wholesales or sales to any third-party retailers are permitted. Consignment programs are permissible, however, the University of Utah Campus Store/Bookstore/Red Zones do NOT participate in consignment programs.
  • Sales may not exceed $5,000 OR 500 units, whichever comes first, in one contract year. If sales do exceed either amount, a standard license will be required. 
  • Display holograms on the product to signify the legitimacy of a product
  • Please review the Crafter Licensing Agreement for more details

Download Crafter Licensing Agreement

Crafter Royalty Report


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