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Licensing 101


The University of Utah licensing program was established in 1979 to oversee the use of the institution’s trademarked names and marks. After twenty-six years of being administered by the University Bookstore, the program’s growth and success led to the creation of the Licensing Office in December 2005. Trademark, name, and image licensing are now handled exclusively through this new department in cooperation with the University of Utah administration.

Since 1983, the Collegiate Licensing Company has served as the University of Utah's exclusive licensing agent, and been a crucial partner in helping the University of Utah become ranked as one of the top 50 schools in the United States for licensing revenue.

The licensing program began as a vehicle to protect and promote the University of Utah's marks. While this is still at the core licensing program’s mission, the continuing evolution of intellectual properties now broadens the scope of the department to include still and moving images, audio and video broadcasts as well as data rights management.



Approved Vendors

Current Vendors

The University licensing program oversees the use of the University of Utah's marks and name. Vendors who wish to use those marks in the manufacturing of products must first become a licensed vendor with the University of Utah. Regardless of how the product is used (giveaway, internal consumption by the University, retail, etc.), only licensed vendors are authorized to use the University of Utah marks and name. A "licensed vendor" status is only obtained through the University of Utah's Licensing Department; no other University department may authorize a vendor to use the institution's marks or name.

Find An Approved Vendor

Approved vendors can be found using CLC's licensee search

  • Search vendors for a specific product by using the ‘Step 1: Pick a Product Category’ box
  • Under ‘Step 2: Pick a School’ select the University of Utah.
    • Additionally, you can skip step 1 and select the University of Utah to view all licensed vendors.
    • Some vendors may have an ‘Internal Only’ indication next to their listing. This indicates that these vendors only have rights to sell to University departments/groups.

Most licensed vendors have not been awarded University contracts. For University of Utah departments making purchases of $5,000 or more, you must contact the Purchasing Department at 801.581.7241 prior to completing this process.



Use of Images

Photographs & Video Footage

The Licensing Department oversees the use of still and moving images for the University. These images are usually pictures or films containing copyright or trademark content about the University of Utah. The use of all film and pictures bearing the trademarks of the University of Utah, or in which the institution holds the copyright, must be approved prior to any use. The most common type of request is for athletic film or pictures. All requests for still and moving images, regardless of content, should be directed to Collegiate Images at

In cases where the University does not own the copyright to the film being used but their trademarks still appear, permission can be received by contacting Collegiate Images as well.

The athletic department issues press credentials for those authorized to take pictures or film of University Athletic Events. When issued a credential, the bearer agrees to the terms and conditions listed on the back. That information is also available at

Use of Logos

Logos & Trademarks Verbiage

The Licensing Department oversees the use of all the logos and trademarks for the University. The University owns and protects the following trademarks and verbiage, however, this list is not comprehensive and is subject to change:

  • The University of Utah®
  • Utah®
  • Utes™
  • Utah Utes™
  • Interlocking U®
  • UU™
  • UofU™
  • Block U®
  • Circle & Feather®
  • Red Rocks™
  • Runnin’ Utes™
  • Swoop ™
  • Sack Lake City™
  • Salt Lax City™
  • Utah’s University™
  • Utah Man™
  • Utah Man Am I™
  • UBoyz™
  • The MUSS™
  • All About U™
  • Lady Utes™
  • Ute Strong™
  • Rice-Eccles Stadium & Tower™
  • Block U With Medical Caduceus
  • FanUp™
  • GamerU™
  • Utah Red Zone™
  • One U™
  • University Seal
  • University Medallion

If you wish to use any of these trademarks or others please visit for details, or call the Licensing & Trademark Department at 801.585.7784.




According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, “a trademark includes any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination used, or intended to be used, in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from goods manufactured or sold by others, and to indicate the source of the goods.” 

A license allows a company to produce products bearing the trademarks of an institution for sale in retail, approved distribution channels, direct to consumers, and other related entities. In exchange for rights to use these marks, a license holder (known as a licensee) agrees to pay a predetermined royalty fee.

Royalties are sums of money paid to a licensor (owner of intellectual property, logos, word marks, etc.)  for each product sold that bears the likeness of the licensor.

Standard License: $250 non-refundable application fee + Product Liability Insurance (this amount will vary depending on your provider). More information about the licensing process and costs can be found here.

Crafter license: $100 per year. More information on the Crafter License can be found here.

Swoop! In 1996, Swoop was introduced as the sideline mascot of the University of Utah. Swoop is a red-tailed hawk and reflects the soaring spirit of our state and school.

You can receive authorization to add a University of Utah logo on a headstone, urn, mausoleum plaque or other memorials. Please contact us for details at

In order to manufacture products using any logo, wordmark, or other indicia referencing the University of Utah, the company or individual must be licensed or source product from a licensed vendor.

Yes, we do! Visit our getting licensed for more information!

Look for the Label! Products that have been approved and licensed by the University of Utah will bear the Officially Licensed Collegiate Products label or hangtag. To ensure that you are purchasing merchandise that is authentic and supports the University’s scholarship programs, look for the label before you buy. You can also report potentially unlicensed products here.

If you are making an item for yourself that will not be sold or used for commercial purposes, you do not need a license. However, please contact the licensing department for prior approval.

In the United States, you are not required to register marks to obtain protectable rights. You can establish “common law” rights for a mark based solely on the use of the mark in commerce. Further protection can also be obtained through registering a mark with the State of Utah in order to protect the mark for its intended use. In special circumstances, it may be necessary to seek Federal Registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. For more information on registering a trademark, please see the ‘Department’ page or contact our office.

For a full list of all the vendors licensed with the University of Utah, click here and search for the University of Utah.


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