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The Royalty Rate Charts herein determine the compensation owed to the University of Utah for using its intellectual property (IP). Standard rates serve as a baseline for various forms of content usage, while special rates may apply for unique circumstances or specific types of usage. Each retail license type requires approval through the Trademarks & Licensing Office and our licensing agency, CLC. Please contact our office directly if you would like to pursue any of the following licenses.


License Type


Royalty Rate

Utah - University of
Utah Standard Retail
Covers the sale of licensed products in approved retail channels or directly to consumers.
*Utah - Vintage
Utah Vault
Covers the sale of Utah's vintage license products under the College Vault label. The additional 2% goes to CLC and is used to promote the College Vault label.
20% (18 + 2)
Utah - Heritage/Cultural
*Utah Ute Proud
Covers the sale of Ute Proud and Native American branded products.
**Utah - NIL
Utah NIL of Current Student Athletes
Covers the sale of licensed co-branded Utah and student-athlete NIL.
Utah - Co Branded
Co Branded 8%, 9%, 10%, 12%, 13%
Typically a 50/50 split between IP owners.
8%, 9%, 10%, 12%, 13%

*It's essential to obtain permission from the University of Utah for additional license types before producing corresponding artwork or products. These programs are limited to licensees with a historical track record for following Utah licensing guidelines.

** When utilizing student-athlete name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights, obtain permission from both the University of Utah (through CLC) and the player rights through the BrandR Group (TBG) before creating products bearing the NIL of either party. It's important to note that not all athletes participate with TBG, and therefore, no co-branded artwork should be created with their NIL without proper authorization.


The University of Utah doesn’t charge campus departments royalties for trademark use if the funds used to purchase products are from the University. However, if the items are for resell, a retail license is required by the licensee fulfilling the request, and royalties must be paid.


Program Name


Rights Fee

Utah - University of
Utah Internal Campus
Covers the sale of licensed products being sold internally to campus entities.
Fee- $1,500, Awards Only - $100