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Your Responsibility as a Fan

As a supporter of the University of Utah and Utah Athletics, we need your help in keeping counterfeit products out of the marketplace!

Why does this matter?
  • Licensing revenue is returned to the University in support of student programming and the Ute Indian Tribe (from Ute Proud product only)
  • The University of Utah has a zero-tolerance policy for sweatshop labor. Licensed vendors are required to join the Fair Labor Association ( The FLA contracts with us to enforce this.
  • Licensed vendors are required to carry insurance that indemnifies and protects the University of Utah.
  • Licensed product has been reviewed and approved with messages deemed appropriate to associate with our institution.
  • We ENCOURAGE entrepreneurs to legally produce merchandise bearing Utah marks! We have systems in place to assist individuals and businesses through the licensing process. It is illegal to use the University of Utah’s registered marks & names without permission.

How Do I Know If a Product Is Licensed?

  • Look For the Label! A holographic label will appear on the packaging or tag of a licensed product ready to be purchased.
  • On game day, the Campus Store has exclusive rights to sell merchandise on campus property. If you see someone else selling merchandise, it is NOT licensed.
  • You can check if a vendor is licensed by searching on our licensed vendor database
  • You can find officially licensed product using our retail location map

Licensed Vendor Search   Retail Locations

What Should I Do If I Find Unlicensed Product?

  • Don’t purchase it! You will undoubtedly come across advertisements on social media promoting Utah gear that is NOT licensed.
  • Report the unlicensed product through this site
  • If you have an idea for a shirt or have a tailgate group that wants a shirt please call the Trademarks & Licensing Department; we can help you work with a licensed vendor.
  • "Look for the Label" and help the University of Utah become a strong national brand!

Report Unlicensed Merchandise

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Other Fan Resources

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Visit our Licensing 101 page to become an expert on all things licensing. If you still have questions, we are always around and love talking with U of U fans!

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