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Trademarks & Licensing Content Policy


The purpose of this policy is to safeguard the integrity and reputation of the University of Utah's trademarks by establishing guidelines for the use of University marks in contexts that may be deemed sensitive, inappropriate, or inconsistent with the University's values and mission.


This policy applies to all individuals and entities granted permission to use University of Utah trademarks, including but not limited to students, faculty, staff, contractors, licensees, third-party vendors, or individuals wanting to use University trademarks.


  • Approval for Use:
    • Individuals or entities seeking to use University of Utah trademarks in contexts related to adult content, explicit material, or other sensitive subjects must obtain written approval from the University's Auxiliary Business Development Office.
  • Prohibited Uses:
    • The use of University of Utah trademarks is strictly prohibited in connection with explicit adult content, adult websites, or any material that may tarnish the University's reputation or violate community standards.
  • Monitoring and Enforcement:
    • The University's Auxiliary Business Development Office reserves the right to monitor the use of its trademarks and take appropriate legal action against any unauthorized or inappropriate use. Violators may be subject to legal action, termination of permission to use University marks, and other disciplinary measures.
  • Reporting:
    • Members of the University community are encouraged to report any unauthorized or inappropriate use of University of Utah trademarks in connection with sensitive subjects to the Auxiliary Business Development Office.
  • Review and Amendments:
    • This policy shall be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Amendments may be made as needed, with proper notification to the University community.


Exceptions to this policy may be granted in specific circumstances, subject to a thorough review and approval process by the Auxiliary Business Development Office. Such exceptions should be rare and made with careful consideration of the potential impact on the University's reputation.


Non-compliance with this policy may result in disciplinary action, legal consequences, and the revocation of permission to use University of Utah trademarks.

Contact Information:

For inquiries related to the use of University of Utah trademarks, please contact the Auxiliary Business Development Office at